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Affinity Dental is recognized as one of the leading, high-tech dental offices providing cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry to patients within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We are identified as an outstanding and economically-priced family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry facility.  As an acclaimed dental clinic serving the region, we deal with all aspects of dentistry including aesthetic dentistry, general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, pediatric or family dentistry.  Regardless of what our patients need, Affinity Dental is committed to developing a dazzling and healthy smile for them.  We also make every effort to ensure that our patients who reside in the 60625 zip code area receive the most fairly-priced dental care.  Affinity Dental offices have been successfully mending the smiles of our 60625 patients ever since we opened our doors.  We are widely regarded as offering innovative dental procedures that not only match our patients’ dental requirements, but their budgets, too.  When 60625 residents are contemplating having a cosmetic dentistry procedure, the only name they need to know is Affinity Dental.


60625 Cosmetic Dentist

60625, Chicago, Illinois has close to 80,000 residents who live there.  When 60625 families are searching for the most competent and experienced cosmetic dentist and family dentist, they come to Dr. Kavetsis, at the Affinity Dental clinic.  We provide a “family-friendly” approach to our family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practices and focus upon prevention and education for all of our 60625 patients, both young and old.  Lana Fourdyce Kavetsis graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign with a BS in Biology and then graduated with a BS in dental science and a DDS from the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Later, Dr. Kavetsis opened Affinity Dental.  She and her incredible staff deliver affordable and compassionate family dentistry to their 60625 patients.  Also, Dr. Kavetsis has more than 500 hours of continuing education in general dentistry in the fields of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.  She well understands that whenever 60625 patients visit Affinity Dental for cosmetic dentistry; they frequently are experiencing a great amount of anxiety.  That’s why Dr. Kavetsis and her staff place their patients’ comfort as their top priority.  


60625 Family Dentist

Affinity Dental will provide you with a tour of the facility when you arrive for your first appointment.  Dr. Kavetsis records all of our 60625 patients’ medical and dental history and then takes the necessary x-rays.  Besides recording the health of your teeth and offering you a comprehensive head, neck and periodontal exam, one of Affinity Dental’s office assistants will record the health of your mouth and take digital photos of your smile and your teeth to delineate the required treatment.  Further, we deliver the most state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry in tooth replacement.  Additionally, the Affinity Dental clinic provides dental cleaning practices to address all aspects of periodontal disease.  Our professionals are not only able to handle all of our 606025 patients’ cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry needs, but we can also take care of any dental emergencies they may have.  If you are seeking the most effective and affordable family dentist in the Chicagoland area, give Affinity Dental a call at: (773) 904-7079 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kavetsis, today.


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