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What Are Dental X-Rays?

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Dental X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool that helps dentists identify and treat various dental conditions. In addition, they provide invaluable information about your oral health, enabling early detection and intervention to prevent complications and maintain a healthy smile.

Our Dental X-Ray Services

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Bitewing X-rays

Bitewing X-rays are used to detect cavities and monitor the health of your teeth and gums, particularly in the areas between teeth.

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Occlusal X-rays

Occlusal X-rays focus on the roof or floor of your mouth, capturing images of your upper and lower jaw to help diagnose tooth development or alignment issues.

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Periapical X-rays

Periapical X-rays focus on individual teeth, capturing images of the entire tooth, from the crown to the root, to identify the potential problems in the root structure and surrounding bone.

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Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays capture a comprehensive image of your entire mouth, including the teeth, jaw, and sinus areas, allowing your dentist to evaluate your oral health and plan treatments accordingly.

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Types of Dental X-Rays

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Intraoral X-rays

Intraoral X-rays are taken inside the mouth and provide detailed images of individual teeth, helping dentists diagnose cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues.

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Extraoral X-rays

Extraoral X-rays are taken outside the mouth and focus on the jaw, skull, and other facial structures, assisting in diagnosing impacted teeth, TMJ disorders, and other issues affecting the jaw and supporting systems.

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Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use advanced technology to produce high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure, providing a safer and more efficient diagnostic process.

Other dental diagnostic services

Here are some other dental diagnostic services we provide:

3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

CBCT provides detailed three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and bone, allowing for precise treatment planning and diagnosis of complex dental issues.

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Intraoral cameras

Intraoral cameras enable x-ray dentists to capture high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, better understanding your oral health and facilitating patient education.

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Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening is a crucial component of your dental checkup, helping to detect any signs of oral cancer at an early stage when treatment is most effective.

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Comprehensive dental examinations

Our comprehensive dental examinations thoroughly evaluate your teeth, gums, and oral health to identify potential issues and recommend appropriate treatment plans.

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Why would you need a panoramic X-ray?

Panoramic X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool that offers a comprehensive view of your mouth, including the teeth, jaw, and sinus areas.

They are invaluable for diagnosing issues that may not be visible during a routine dental examination, such as impacted teeth, jaw abnormalities, sinus problems, or tumors.

Panoramic X-rays also help dentists plan treatments, such as orthodontics or dental implants, by thoroughly understanding your oral structures.

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Why Choose Should You Choose Affinity Dental?

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At Affinity Dental, you’ll receive exceptional care from our highly skilled team of dental professionals.

We are committed to providing the best possible diagnostic services, utilizing the latest technology and techniques to ensure accurate, efficient, and comfortable imaging.

At Affinity Dental, we prioritize patient safety and comfort, adhering to strict guidelines for radiation exposure and employing state-of-the-art equipment to minimize risks. Schedule your appointment!


Besides cavities, digital X-rays can detect bone loss, hidden dental structures like wisdom teeth, and problems inside a tooth or below the gum line. They are crucial for identifying cysts, tumors, and abscesses and helping diagnose dental issues.

X-rays can often show tooth infections, particularly those affecting the tooth’s root or surrounding bone. X-rays show the extent of the disease, including any bone loss or abscess formation, aiding in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The patient’s health needs determine the frequency of dental X-rays. Generally, healthy adults have them every 2-3 years, while children and those with dental issues may need them more frequently. Dentists customize the interval based on each patient’s specific situation.

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