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Affinity Dental is well-known as a leading dental office that provides cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry to patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are distinguished as best-in-class family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. As a predominant dental clinic in the region, we handle all aspects of dentistry, from aesthetic dentistry to general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, pediatric dentistry, and family dentistry.  Regardless of our patients’ dental needs, Affinity Dental will create a beautiful and healthy smile for them. Our goal has always been to offer the most economical dental care to our patients who live in Lincoln Square as well as to our patients in the surrounding area. Our dental offices have been producing lovely smiles for our Lincoln Square patients with our advanced cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry.  We are much admired for providing dental procedures to accommodate our patients’ budgets and needs. When Lincoln Square residents are contemplating having a cosmetic dentistry procedure, the only name they need to know is Affinity Dental.

Lincoln Square Cosmetic Dentist

Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois, is identified as one of the 77 designated neighborhoods located in Chicago. Close to 40,000 residents live in Lincoln Square. The Lincoln Square neighborhood is only 1.7 miles northwest of the North Center neighborhood, the home of Affinity Dental. We are considered to be on the leading edge of providing the newest cosmetic dentistry procedures to our Lincoln Square patients. We are also seen as a “family-friendly” practice, and our family dentistry focuses on prevention and education for both our youngest patients and our adult patients who live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Lana Fourdyce Kavetsis, DDS, opened Affinity Dental after receiving her BS degree at the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign and obtaining her BS in dental science and her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  She and her dedicated staff are devoted to delivering reasonably priced, compassionate family dentistry to their Lincoln Square patients. Furthermore, Dr. Kavetsis has more than 500 hours of continuing education in general dentistry focused on orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. She is well aware that when Lincoln Square patients visit the office for cosmetic dentistry, they may be suffering from extreme anxiety and stress. That’s why Dr. Kavetsis and her staff at Affinity Dental have placed your comfort as their top priority.

Lincoln Square Family Dentist

When you come into Affinity Dental, you will be treated to a tour of our office. After that, Dr. Kavetsis will record all of your medical and dental history and take any needed X-rays. Besides documenting the health of your teeth and giving you a thorough head, neck, and periodontal exam, a dental assistant will take notes on the health of your mouth and take digital photos of your smile and your teeth to establish the appropriate treatment.  We are very proud of our ability to offer the latest cosmetic dentistry in tooth replacement. The Affinity Dental clinic also uses state-of-the-art dental cleaning practices to treat all stages of periodontal disease. Our team of dental experts is not only capable of dealing with all of your cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry needs, but we are also prepared to deal with any dental emergencies you may experience. If you are searching for the most effective family dentist in the Chicagoland area, give Affinity Dental a call at (773) 904-7079 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kavetsis today.

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