5 Key Benefits of Dental Implants for a Brighter Smile and Improved Oral Health

Missing one or more teeth can diminish your confidence and keep you from showing off your smile. With dental implants, you’ll have replacement teeth that look and feel natural while also improving your oral health. Discover the top five benefits of undergoing dental implant surgery in Chicago.

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5 Reasons Why Chicago Dental Implant Specialists Recommend Implants for Tooth Replacement

Whether you lose a tooth due to decay or a traumatic accident, you may have limited options for replacing it. Thankfully, restorative dentistry experts have an effective, long-term solution for fixing your smile.

Dental implants consist of a metal piece called the implant, which connects to your jawbone and acts as an artificial tooth root. An abutment and crown go on top of the implant to mimic a natural tooth and prevent teeth shifting. This procedure helps countless people feel comfortable showing off their smile and has many benefits over dentures and other teeth replacement options. 

Check out the top five benefits of receiving dental implants in Chicago. 

1. Your Oral Health Improves

How do dental implants compare to bridges for tooth replacement? While bridges require dentists to alter your surrounding teeth to prepare for the artificial tooth, implants don’t impact any of the healthy teeth in your mouth. The procedure itself won’t damage your other teeth, while your implants promote good oral health over time. 

Receiving the best dental implants, Chicago dentists have to offer stimulates bone growth despite losing the natural tooth. Without an implant, you risk bone loss in your surrounding teeth and may experience a change in your facial appearance. Dental implants maintain good oral health and are as sturdy as natural teeth, so you can continue to brush and floss without issue. 

2. Implants Are Permanent

If you’re anxious about going to the dentist, you don’t want to think about having multiple dental procedures throughout your lifetime. Tooth replacement options like bridges and dentures require you to see the dentist for necessary adjustments, whereas dental implants are a permanent solution. You’ll only have to undergo the procedure once, and with proper care, your implant can last for the rest of your life. 

When researching dental implant costs in Chicago, remember that you’ll be making a long-term investment with exceptional value. Other options may cost less upfront but come with more downsides. 

3. Your Smile Will Shine

There’s no denying that dental implants transform smiles. Even if you have a missing tooth in the back of your mouth that isn’t entirely visible, you can feel self-conscious about it and avoid showing off your smile. Getting a dental implant to fill the space will provide plenty of aesthetic appeal. 

Dentists take impressions of your teeth, so you receive a custom-sized implant and dental crown that looks natural. You won’t have to worry about overcrowding in your mouth or having a crooked smile due to teeth shifting. Best of all, the crown has a white appearance that resists stains. 

You’ll smile with confidence and enjoy the look of your new teeth. To learn more about getting dental implants Chicago residents love, reach out to a professional dentist offering therapeutic services. 

4. The Implant Won’t Hold You Back

If you’re considering removable dentures, it’s important to think about the potential downsides, such as:

  • Discomfort while putting them in and taking them out. 
  • Having them move around inside your mouth and being unstable. 
  • Making it difficult for you to enjoy certain foods or beverages. 
  • Having trouble speaking with them outside of your mouth. 

Dental implants don’t present any of these issues because dentists fixate them on your jawbone. Neither the crown nor the implant will move around, and you won’t have any issues communicating because the artificial tooth becomes a permanent part of your mouth. 

Your dentist will likely tell you not to bite down on hard or sticky foods shortly after receiving your implant. You can preserve your implant by being mindful of what you eat and drink, but in general, it’s extremely durable. 

5. Dental Implants Combat Tooth Decay

If you lose a tooth due to decay, you risk compromising your other teeth. Dental implants’ design makes them a great solution for anyone suffering from tooth decay. Dentists traditionally use fillings to tackle the problem, but this only impacts the surface of the tooth. 

A dental implant involves removing the tooth and its compromised root. By connecting safe and durable materials to your jawbone, the implant will serve as your new tooth root; only this one won’t face the consequences of tooth decay. 

Get long-lasting dental implants Chicago locals count on for transformed smiles. A dental implant can prevent tooth decay and maintain good oral health. Speak with a trusted dentist about dental implants as a solution for tooth decay and find out if you’re a candidate for this procedure. 

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